A Better Marketing Solution

Looking for a marketing solution to fit your needs? Not to toot our own horn but we think interactmag is the perfect solution.

With the push for Marketers to get more creative, studies show that only 18% feel that they have the tools needed to thrive. The rest can likely be broken up into the following categories:

  • they don’t have the knowledge to use the technology currently available to them
  • their marketing budgets can’t afford dynamic, effective solutions
  • they aren’t sure which resources are leading the path in innovative marketing

We’ve tried to answer these issues with interactmag, a digital magazine that allows the user to share their custom content with almost anyone, for just about anything.

Prefer to not work with complicated computer software?
We gave it a simple user interface and intuitive layout process so it’s unbiased in the technological understanding of its users.

Have limited cash flow for new tools?
We’ve set up three levels of subscriptions, differing in features such as number of brand profiles you can create and the number of issues you can publish to meet different budget needs.

When developing our software-as-a-service we listened to all of your unanswered problems to deliver one promise: interactmag is marketing made easy.

How Marketing is Like Networking


To be a successful individual in the business world, you need to know how to network. You constantly meet people who may be able to help you achieve your short or long term career or business goals, and you do what you can to maintain and grow those relationships. There are two reasons why someone in your network may be willing to help you do something. Either they have some personal connection to you (you grew up together, you went to the same school, you have a close mutual friend, etc.) or they believe that you may be able to help them in the future (I help you, you help me – the Golden Rule – the foundation of networking).

Marketing is exactly the same. It is only successful if the target audience A) has a personal connection to your brand OR B) they believe that your product or service can help them by satisfying some need or want. Take, for example, a mass email marketing campaign. Recipients of a marketing email will only open it if they recognize and like the sender, OR they read the subject line and think, “I could use that.”

Keep this in mind when developing any marketing campaign. Marketing, like networking, is about building relationships. Building relationships is an exchange. Assuming you are trying to appeal to people who do not necessarily have a prior connection with your brand, you need to offer them something. Something free and something useful. Even if it’s just a laugh or a fun piece of information, if you can make someone believe you have benefitted them before they have even seen your product, your foot is in the door. You give them something now, and they just might give you something later.

Effective Visual Communication According to Science


A recent study conducted by TheLadders career service used eye-tracking technology to record and analyze where and how long people focus when processing visual information. The study gauged the behavior of 30 professional recruiters over a 10 week period while they conducted tasks such as resume and candidate profile reviews. Although the study was conducted for the purpose of helping job-seekers optimize resumes and online profiles, the findings are applicable to any endeavor involving digital design. Continue reading →