Images and Videos and Sounds, Oh My!


What really makes interactmag different than its competitors? Lots of things, but they all stem from the foundation of how we built the platform. This was NEVER a PDF reader that was later enhanced to add “interactivity” to it.

No. We built an interactive publishing tool from the ground up. We took the knowledge of video, amassed from over 20 years of video production experience at INNOVATIVE, and all of our knowledge of current and emerging web technologies to build a robust, trackable, CMS driven marketing tool that anyone can use.


To get the best results for your videos within the platform, I have a few simple recommendations:

  • Start and end on a full frame image (do not fade up from or to black or any other color)
  • Make text larger and bolder than you would for broadcast
  • Like any other web-based video, quick motion always results in more compression artifacts than slower paced videos
  • Take advantage of the custom thumbnail options — just because interactmag picks a few screen grabs based on a mathematical equation doesn’t mean you are stuck with one of them. Pick a specific frame of the video or design a custom graphic thumbnail. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have other questions? Go ahead and shoot us an email or check out the resources page of our website for some FAQ’s.

I have over a decade of digital marketing experience, and have been working with interactmag from the time it was just a single thought written on a piece of paper. Since then, I have worn many hats - Project Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Marketing, etc. I worked with an amazing group of developers who are the real reason this concept has become a reality that people can use to bring their content to life. Interactmag isn't a glorified PDF reader -- it is a rich media digital magazine meant to engage audiences in new and exciting ways. I'm excited to be a part of the team who can bring it to you.

Got something to say? Go for it!