Interactmag Update – 2 New Multi-Image Premium Templates


Get excited! interactmag, your favorite online digital publishing tool just released two brand new templates to help our users. These templates feature images and their descriptions or captions in a vertical orientation rather than displaying them in a slideshow format.

Now you can showcase three or four images (depending on which template you select) as well as insert an image into the banner that displays across the top of the template.You might be asking yourself, why did interactmag make the top area an image instead of a text header? Great question. The answer is that people have been looking for more options to brand headers with their own font. This image banner at the top allows for this.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

As with all of our templates, these are flexible allowing you to add only the elements you wish to display.

Sadly, these templates are only available to our interactmag Advanced Plan users because they are both Premium templates. Want to upgrade to see what it’s like living like a rock star with the Advanced Plan? Contact us to upgrade today.

Not sure if you’re ready to upgrade? Click here for more information to see what you’re missing out on.

I have been working as the Marketing Manager for interactmag since Summer 2012. I have really enjoyed learning about the platform and how it can help people tell their stories in ways that are truly engaging. If you are looking for a marketing tool that pushes your brand into the digital space in a big way, I would love to tell you all about interactmag.

One Comment on "Interactmag Update – 2 New Multi-Image Premium Templates"

  1. Nur says:

    I really like this tealtmpe.I have a question about the menu though.How do I get it setup to look like the one in the preview image?My menu items is simply a bulleted list of my pages without the fancy orange background and centered text.Any help appreciated!Thx

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