Interactmag Update – Tablet Compatibility


This week we released an exciting new interactmag update that will broaden subscribers’ audience even more. Now, interactmag issues can be viewed on tablets like the iPad, Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy, in addition to desktop PCs and Macs.

With this new capability, issues can be made available on a whole new viewing platform – one that is growing in popularity at demanding rates. According to International Data Corporation, a global market intelligence firm, the tablet market has grown to nearly 70 million units in the last two years. Putting content into those users’ hands is easier than ever with interactmag.

Since the majority of tablets are not compatible with Adobe Flash, users are now requested to upload a still image in addition to any .swf files that are used. That way, when the issue is being viewed on a tablet without Flash compatibility, the image will display in place of the .swf file. In this way, we have opened up the interactmag service to a whole new audience without altering the immersive viewing experience.

Oh yeah, did we mention that this new feature doesn’t cost any extra money? It comes standard with an interactmag subscription.

I am the Marketing Coordinator for interactmag. I am here because I love marketing, technology and all things that help individuals and brands tell their stories in more effective ways. I would love to hear what you have to say, so feel free to leave comments at any time. Enjoy!

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